How to Clean Your Engagement Ring At Home

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring At Home

An engagement ring holds so much sentimental value and is something that we take with us through everything. Cleaning your engagement ring is crucial to maintain the maximum sparkle and fire. It also helps to ensure the security of your diamonds. As oils, and build up of products such as daily household and beauty items cling to diamonds result in the lack of brilliance and shine. Here is our step by step on how to clean your engagement ring!

STEP 1: 

Before holding your most precious piece of jewelry over the sink drain, cover all places that the ring could fall into to save yourself from that nightmare. 


Soak your ring in a bowl of hot water and add a few drops of Dawn liquid dish soap. This solution will tackle all of the layer of oils, and tucked away debris. 


Dip a soft bristle toothbrush into the Dawn and water solution and gently clean the ring, making sure to reach all of the small crevices of the setting. Don't forget the bottom and sides of the diamond to guarantee that supreme sparkle!

RWFJ TIP: Using a new children's toothbrush is easier to maneuver. (This toothbrush should be used for ring cleaning only) 

STEP 4: 

Give your ring a thorough rinse and pat dry with a paper towel.



Clean your ring once a week. If you neglect to clean it for a while, dirt and other particles can build up and create spaces between your prongs. After it’s cleaned, the prongs are left with spaces resulting in poor security of your stone.

*Do not use any household products like bleach or acetone, these products will have negative effects on the metal.*